I have 23 green giant arbavita that I purchased from you 3 years ago. They have all turned a rust color orange and I am afraid they are in trouble.They are all about 10 ft tall at this point. What do I need to do? They did this the previous year as well but not as bad.

We’ve had a really rough last couple of winters since you’ve planted them.  If we get another warm fall/early winter make sure to water them extra…not something people usually think of.  Also, get under them and make sure that dirt or mulch hasn’t been piled up around the trunk.  Brush any soil or mulch back until you find the original soil they came in and keep it that way.  Mulch or dirt piled against the bark of the trunk slowly strangles the plants.  To help them recover now, pound some holes in the ground several inches deep with a pipe out away from the trunk as far as the outermost branch tips and pour in some organic Tree-tone into them..4-5 holes per plant.  They should recover and the food will help that along.

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