I have 4 Colorado spruces that are dying from the bottom up, they are about 12 years old – 20 ft. I have read extensively about cytospora and needlecast, and know that if it is cytopspora there is nothing you can do but trim dead branches and fertilize. Someone told me that I should spray fungicide for needlecast as well on the top branches. This seems doubtful for the trees to have both. No one seems to be able to determine if it is cytospora. I don’t want to lose the trees, is there an expert to diagnose? Thank you.

I would include some links about needlecast and cytospora but it seems that you’ve already done your research.  A certified arborist would be able to diagnose this for you.  Here’s a website that will help you locate one depending on where you live.  Fred Breglia (region 4) is know to me and is very knowledgeable.  Also Jack Magai in Rensselaer County has been suggested.  magaijack@gmail.com

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