I have a 6′ high peramid hew which the dear have taken off the foligae in the front of the tree about 3′ up from the base of the tree. Is there anyway to bring those branches back they still have some foliage or do I have to replace the whole tree. If I have to replace it, what could I plant inplace of it, It is right next to other hews. I am 80 years old and if I replce it it would take to long to grow for the rest of my life span. Thank You Charlie

You can encourage the yew to re-grow the foliage by mixing Mir-Acid evergreen food up in a watering can and wash it over the stems and needles of the plant.  It is absorbed right through the bark and will jump start foliage on those stems.  Do this once a week except with the temperature goes above 85°.   Make sure to wrap the yew in deer netting to keep them from continuing to eat the yew every winter.

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