I have a christmas cactus at home (I believe that is what it is called) and I cant seem to be able to get it to bloom. I water it so that there is just enough to moistion the soil and i leave it near a window so that it is not in direct sunlight but it gets some. What am i doing wrong?

Christmas Cactus are stimulated to bloom by shortening days so don’t expect to see flowers until late some or fall…at Christmas if you’re lucky.  In the meantime, water it heavily and then not again until it gest bone dry> Feed it with Jack’s blossom Booster about once a month during the rest of spring and summer then stop feeding in September…just water until late February.  Christmas Cacti are epiphytes…they don’t naturally grow in soil but clinging to the bark in the crotch of a tree.  They get water only when there’s a soaking rain then they spend long periods drying out in between…you want to simulate these conditions. Once you see flower buds forming..keep the soil just every so slightly moist.  Keeping it in a cooler location can extend the bloom time and heavy soaking during flowering will make the flower pass quickly.

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