I have a dogwood tree that I purchased from Hewitt’s and planted in May. It has done well, but just in the past week the leaves have started to brown from the bottom up, about 1/4 of the leaf. I have made sure to give it lots of water as it starts. There doesn’t appear to be any bugs, none of the leaves have holes/been eaten. Help! What have I done wrong?

There are a several of possibilities.  If you have been watering a lot and the soil is constantly wet…you may be drowning it.  On the other hand, if it has gotten bone dry, it may be suffering from that.  Soak it well once a week and let it dry in between.  Soak the soil but don’t spray the leaves.  It is also possible that, when you planted it, you dug the hole too deep and not there is dirt piled against the bark which hinders the ability of the bark to pass nutrients and water up to the stems and leaves above More on that HERE.  Bark mulch piled against the bark is just as bad as burying it too deep.  Brush any dirt or mulch away from the trunk until you find the original soil the plant came in and keep it that way.  Dirt or mulch against the bark id the #1 cause of shrub/tree death.

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