I have a large section of my lawn that turns yellow in the fall/winter and takes much longer to “green” in the spring. It actually looks like straw when it’s yellow. I see it’s fairly common around here because I’ll come across other lawns like this now and then. From what I found, it seems like someone put down a “warm weather” grass like Bermuda, so it’s going dormant in winter and takes longer to green in the spring, here in the northeast. My guess is I just need to accept this unless I want to try and pull it all out and start over? Is there anything I can add to it in winter or spring to help it to green earlier? Thanks.

That section was probably seeded at one time with one of the “midnight” strains of Kentucky Bluegrass.  They do just what you describe.  Try overseeding the area with our Sandy grass seed blend in late November to add other grass types to the area.

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