I have a pear tree that produces fruit, but they only grow about 2″ and then become Very deformed. I tried thinning the fruit on branches so they could get more nutrients as they grow, but it didn’t help at all. Also have apple tree that does the same, but produces very few apples. both trees are about 20 years old so I am completely lost. I have lots of clay but when we planted them we put lots of fresh topsoil in the hole first hoping to give it a chance. Please, is there something I can do? Also, I would like to try growing grapes this year, knowing it’ll probably be a few years to get grapes. I am planning on putting them on a slightly inclined hill that has sun all day but again lots of clay. can you please tell me best way to plant them? I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.

If they aren’t getting full sun, (8 or more hours per day) then they will struggle to produce much fruit. Fruit trees are also susceptible to many insect pests and diseases so a regular spraying program every year is also necessary as is regular pruning.

Here’s a link to a fruit tree care calendar that you might find helpful…fruit trees are high maintenance. https://extension.psu.edu/home-orchard-calendar

Grapes will do well in clay soil once established. Full sun is good. Make sure to add some Bio-tone to the planting holes to get them off to a good start.

Bio-tone Starter Plus

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