I have a smoke tree.. It is about 8 or 9 ft. tall now..Every spring it fills with buds. But before they can open something eats all the buds off..First I thought it was deer, but now it is taller so I ruled deer out. A girl that works in the local Hewitts store recommended a certain granules that you sprinkle around the root area of the tree..Which would take a couple weeks to work in..I bought it, which cost 13.00 and it did not help..Do you have any idea what I could spray on the tree to discourage whatever is eating the buds?..This tree is about 12 yrs. old and I have yet to see it bloom..Thanks Alberta Wells…….albertas@verizon.net

That’s an interesting problem.  After some research I found this which may answer your question.   other problems could be that it isn’t getting enough sun or it may need some extra phosphorus food (Flower-tone).  Also, if the soil is acidic, it may prevent it from flowering.

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