I have grubs and crabgrass in my lawn. Should I treat the grubs first and then the crabgrass? Thanks.

It is currently too cold to treat for either.  Once the lawn greens up and seems to be growing, that will be the time to treat for the grubs…grubs you should have treated for last July.  Apply 24 Hour grub control and water it in with 1″ of water (yes a LOT of water) them apply Season Long Grub Control in July and water that in with an inch of water.  Without the heavy watering, neither of these grub killers will work.  Then treat every July to kill the grubs as they hatch.  More on that HERE.


Likewise it is too early to apply crabgrass preventer.  Learn how to time your crabgrass preventer HERE.


There is no problem using grub control a crabgrass preventer within a few days of each other.



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