I have patches of bare spots on my lawn. A few years ago I had cats who would pee out there. It is partially shaded. I have scrapped up the ground then have placed top soil out and new grass seed watered the heck out of it and grew nicely. all year. The next year these spots come back bare. I have used just about every grass I could get it to take. I have used seeds with fertilizer, used you best country estates, nothing grows back the next year. Growing up my father would make me cover the ground with lime powder to the point it looked like it just snowed out. Have not done this. I also covered the spots with soil from my compost pile which was really rich and it did not work.. Should I go out and get some turf grass and just give up. HELP[!

Id’d try our Sandy grass seed, it is the most deep rooted and durable.  I doubt the cats have anything to do with this.  It may be that the soil has become acidic which makes it very hard for the grass to survive and thrive.  Lime can correct this but you’ll need to do a simple test to see how much to apply.   Once corrected, lime shouldn’t be necessary for a few years.  Here’s a link that will walk you through performing a pH test…pretty easy:  https://blog.timesunion.com/gardening/can-your-lawn-pass-the-acid-test/7429/

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