I have plant a hedge of green giant arbs at a job ,had them wrapped in burlap all winter took burlap off a month ago and they looked great. Went back about week later notice some browning on them and now just about all brown. Been watering them and gave them fertilizer. What do u think is wrong with them y did they look great now look horrible

If they were wrapped early in fall and then we had a warm winter, they could have put on new growth.  March was very warm as well so new growth that occurred underneath the burlap in the shade of the burlap would be stretched and very tender.  Then it got uncovered just before (I assume) the very cold snap where it got down to 15° or less.  That tender growth wouldn’t be able to handle that after all that time under the burlap.   Burlap is used to protect them from the dry winter wind. That wind comes from the north and west all winter.  This means that there is no need to wrap the arbs all the way around.  All that is needed is a windbreak on the north and west side.  This can be stakes with the burlap attached to them but not actually wrapped all the way around the entire arb.  Feeding is good and snip out the dead foliage and they will bounce back quickly over this growing season.



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