I have recently had a large maple tree removed from my lawn. I got a little impatient and decided to sod instead of seed. I usually put down a weed n feed from the dandelions. The sod has been on the ground for two weeks and I have noticed the sod has started to grow a bit. Can I put down the weed n feed on the new sod or should I hold off?Thanks… Seth

The weed and feed won’t hurt the sod although there probably aren’tany weeds in the sod so you don’t really need a weed and feed there.  A starter lawn food like our Country Estate Winterizer/Seed Starter blend would make more sense.  Also, it is still too cool (5/6/14) for weed and feed to work…it is still too cool for the weed killer to work…we want night time temperatures to be hovering around 45°- 50° before applying weed killer liquid or weed and feed.

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