I have two problems that I need advice on. I have a beautiful pink weeping cherry in the front of my house. I noticed It attracts a lot of Japanese beetles. I spray the tree 2-3 times a spring/summer. For the last three years my front lawn has been destroyed by grubs. I have treated the lawn fall and spring for three years. No neighbors have this problem. Should I take the weeping cherry down? or just prune it

You don’t say what you are spraying with but I’d suggest Eight…it remains on the leaves after you spray for a couple of weeks or until rain washes it off..so you’ll need to reapply after rain.  Start spraying as soon as you see the first beetle…no need to spray before then.  Reapply as necessary until the Jap Beetles subside in mid to late August.  Cherry and other fruit trees are quite attractive to Japanese Beetles.  Treating your lawn doesn’t mean you won’t get the beetle on your shrubs and other plants since they can travel great distances on the wind as adult beetles.


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