I live in Ballston Spa where the soil is very, very sandy. Our lawn even has wild strawberries growing on it. I’m looking for a fruit bush or tree that would do well in this climate and soil. We have everything from full sun, to shady, though the shady area is under some pines so the soil tends to be a bit acidic there. I intend this as a gift to my husband for our fourth wedding anniversary (fruit).Thank you,Gina

Everything about your question makes me want to scream “BLUEBERRIES!!!”  Blueberries like acidic soil and like sun but don’t need full sun all day to thrive.  They aren’t picky about soil but are well suited for sandy soil.  Blueberries aren’t prone to insect or disease problems so there won’t be a lot of spraying necessary as there is with fruit trees.  They have lovely white flowers in the spring and the leaves turn red in the fall…what’s not to love?  Can you tell I love blueberries.  We still have a nice selection too and they can be planted anytime.

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