I live in Geyser Crest in the woods lots of tree and have a sandy soil. Does not get much sun at all. There are pine trees too. Every year I have to put moss killer down and every year it comes back. Is there a grass seed that will counter act and choke out the moss. If so Which one do I get? Is it stocked in your stores or is it specially made and shipped in.

Yes, we sell a blend called “Super Shady” for just this situation.  You are correct that getting grass to choke out the moss is the best approach.  You should also do a pH test to determine if and how much Pelletized Lime you’ll need to counteract any soil acidity (moss is usually an indication of acidic soil).  If the soil is acidic, the grass will start but then fail.  Lawns like a pH of 7.0 (neutral).  HERE’S a link to a blog post all about starting grass in an acidic area.

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