I live in Saratoga Springs, NY. This past two years voles have invaded our neighborhood. I killed over 70 of then with mouse traps and apple but there are still here. My neighbors have similar experiences. The voles love my hosta and lilies. We need a line of products from our local Hewitts that are vole resistant. Products like lavender, mint, or others.

Vole populations spike whenever their predators, like foxes, suffer population drops…usually from diseases like rabies.  Habitat loss can also be a factor…with all the development in you area, that may be a contributing factor as well…the foxes may have been driven out so the voles are thriving.  Climate change may also be a factor.

The list of vole resistant plants is short.  The use of a vole repellent can help drive the voles and other destructive rodents from your yard and provide relief until the vole population stabilizes.  Mole-Max is an effective repellent and can be used in your ornamental beds.  Continuing to trap then will also help break down the population eventually.  More on Mole-Max HERE.

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