I live in zone 6 ( in Ohio across the Ohio River from West Virginia ). I got some beautiful dwarf red sage this past Spring. It was blooming when I bought it and it is now Oct. 3 and it is still blooming. It has spread a bit and has filled the space perfectly. It is a shame that now it will die and just be gone. I wondered if I could gather seeds from it for next year. I know where the seeds are located, I just need to know firstly if they will grow. I am aware that some hybrids are sterile. If they are able to grow, when should I plant them and do they require any special care ( eg. freezing in fridge before planting )? Thank you. Carole Busby carole.chrome@gmail.com

information is scant on whether your salvia will breed true from seed.  I suspect it won’t but you could give it a try.  The seeds need only be dried and kept in dry storage until you sow them indoors in flats in mid March.  Since seeds are so inexpensive, I’d just buy some to start so you can be assured that they will be what you expect.


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