I live on a 2 acre pond and have a problem with geese coming from the pond onto my lawn and making a mess. I thought I could plant large ornamental grasses where the water meets my lawn to prevent the geese from walking onto my lawn. What type of ornamental grass would be best? I cannot annually prune the grass to the ground since the geese are active this time of year before new growth occurs. I wish to protect about 300′ so the solution needs to be reasonably priced.

Hardy grasses may work but it will not help this spring Miscanthus is a family of grasses that are generally available.  None of the grasses are particularly inexpensive though so blocking 300′ of shoreline will set you back a bit.  Here’s a list of grasses for USDA zone 5 you could choose from.   If you live in a warmer zone, there may be other options.


Perhaps pussy willows plants would be a more economical  alternative.  If you can poke some holes along the shoreline and get some pussy willow cutting and bury them a few inches right away, they will root easily and , in a few years you’ll have them as a barrier.


Naturally the presence of a dog will dissuade them and there are other methods as well.  HERE’s a link to more on the various methods of goose controls.


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