I purchased a small white pine tree on sale at the end of the season last year. I planted it as instructed with pine mulch underneath the roots and used the Holly tone shrub fertilizer as discussed. I planted it mid November. This spring 95% of the needles on the tree are brown with only a few green needles. Does this mean the tree is dead? Since there are a few green needles should I apply the Holly tone again this spring with the hope of reviving the tree?

That is a tough time for planting.  That there are some green needles is encouraging.  You could add a little more Holly-Tone but what you’ll really need is patience.  Check to makes sure that you didn’t plant it too deep or pile much up against the bark  (more on that HERE) and then be patient.  If there is life left to it, it will start sprouting new growth.  If it gets very dry, water it but mainly be patient.

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