I’m trying to arrange plants for landscaping around my home and I’m not very experienced.I have a southern exposure which gets good sun, eastern exposure with morning sun, and western exposure with late afternoon sun – so I think I would call them partial sun/shade. I want to put what I’ve known to be called “Roses of Sharon” plant/tree in the corners of the south east and south west corners, but I can’t find their real name. Can you help me with that? Also, if you have any suggestions for perennials for me in these types of exposure I’d love that! Also looking for some conifer bushes to create some green during the winter. I live up here in Saratoga county in Galway. I will be out to your store tomorrow to see what you have in stock. Thank you! Terri Klausner

Rose of Sharon is AKA Althea.  The east side is going to require shade loving plants, the south side will need full sun plants and the west side plants for “sun” or sun to part shade.  I like Weeping Alaskan Cedar for an evergreen but tastes vary.  Since you are headed out this weekend, I’d suggest that you go to the Wilton Hewitts and ask for Chris, Kevin or Ed.  If you can get some pictures on your phone or digital camera to show them, they can show you all your options.  They have a very nice selection of shade perennials at that store that the others don’t have…often a great option.

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