The summer has flown by and I haven’t applied grub killer this season.  I have sandy soil in Guilderland where grubs are often a problem.  I have applied grub killer over recent years and haven’t had any problems.  Is it too late (or unnecessary) at this point?  Should I just wait until next June?

Peter Bowden Answered question August 24, 2020

Your chemical grub control should go down in July.  Yuou’ve missed that but now (8/24) through mid September is the best time to get apply the Milky Spore disease.  It is the only organic grub control.  It needs to be applied twice a year during mid-May and Late August/early September for 3 years.  Applied at the correct time and watered in properly, it will spread throughout the soil and you’ll not need to apply other grub controls at all.  During the time you are applying Milky Spore, you can’t use chemical grub controls since the grubs need to die of the disease to spread it throughout the soil.  More on that here:  https://blog.timesunion.com/gardening/killing-lawn-grubs-organically-starts-now/7382/

Peter Bowden Answered question August 24, 2020
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