I’ve moved my summer plants inside. Elephant Ears (4 Alocasia Mayan Masks and 3 Portoras; each is 6′ tall), 2 large “swiss cheese” plants (each is 5′ diameter; 5′ tall), 5 smaller “swiss cheese” plants (1′ diameter), 2 Peace Lilys, 3 Night Blooming Cereus, 3 Hybiscus, 4 new Brugs about 1′ tall, 5 Brug cuttings (in water), and assorted other plants. The new Brugs will be cut back and moved to the cool dark basement “soon”. The 12’x12′ room with a 10′ ceiling is packed with plants (and a piano, old stereo console, and 2 desks).

My home is heated with hot water heat. The temperature in the “plant room” is 69 degrees. It stays about that in the winter. With all the plants in there, the humidity is 77%! I’m afraid some of my plants are going to get waterlogged from the humidity. Should I put my portable dehumidifier in my plant room and set it for something like 50%?

David (SW Warren County)

Peter Bowden Answered question September 26, 2020

That humidity won’t be a problem for the plants although the piano isn’t going to like it.

It it is uncomfortable for you at that high humidity, go ahead and run a dehumidifier at 50%.  That won’t be a problem for the plants.

They won’t get waterlogged from moisture in the air.

They won’t need as much water inside so water less, much less.

Check the soil before watering and water only as needed, no on a schedule.

Peter Bowden Answered question September 26, 2020

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