One of the lower branches on my Korean Spice Viburnum Shrub was damaged earlier this summer in a storm.  The branch is only 1/2 to 3/4 severed right where it meets the main trunk of the shrub.   The foliage on the branch remains healthy and seems to be in good condition.  I’m wondering if it’s feasible to wrap the branch near the trunk and whether it will heal?  Or is it best to just prune the branch entirely?  We just planted this last year; enjoyed amazing blooms and fragrance this spring, but because the shrub is still relatively small, I hate to lose the branch with all that foliage and potential blooms next year.

I have pics but don’t have permission to upload showing the break.

Peter Bowden Answered question August 25, 2023

If you had bound the split back together right after it happened it might have healed but it would have been weak forever.  Best to cut it away now so it can continue without the burden.  In a few years, you’ll never notice

Peter Bowden Answered question August 25, 2023
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