Last week I purchased a Japanese Maple Tree at the Hewitts on Troy Road in East Greenbush. The tree looked very healthy when we purchased it and we planted it within a few days being careful not to plant it too deep or too shallow. We also added a few handfuls of Biotone to the hole before planting. In the past few days most of the top leaves have turned brown and have dried out. the bottom of the tree still appears red in color and the leaves seem healthy. Is there something we should do to help it along. I know that sometimes transplanting causes a tree to go into temporary shock. Any advice you can offer will be appreciated.

Transplanting is the act of digging up and moving a plant so it wouldn’t be transplant shock.  If the root ball fell apart when you were placing the tree into the hole, that would rip the tiny root hairs away and that would cause some of the foliage to die as you’ve described.


The only other possibility is that you are watering it too much and it is drowning…that can also cause the leave to turn brown as the root system drowns.  Keep it moist but not soggy wet all the time.

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