Last year I had a lawn sprayed on my property. Arranging washed most of it away. Crabgrass flourished. I just finished raking out all the crab grass with a thatch rake and did the best job I possibly could. I now have divots where most of the dead crabgrass weeds were. My thought is getting some topsoil spreading it out evening out the lawn putting down grass seed putting hay over the grass seed after it’s nice and wet and just see what happens. Realizing the crabgrass will of course still come through and hoping to treat it in the fall. Hoping maybe a lot of grass May limit the crabgrass growth. Please advise this is a reasonable approach or if you have another approach that would be better suited given time of year we are at. Also are there any specific grass seeds you recommend? And other ways I should treat the yard. Thank you thank you thank you

Crabgrass is an annual grass.  The mother plant drops seed and then dies completely.  There is no fall treatment for crabgrass.  Treatment must be done in spring to prevent the seeds from germinating.  What you’ll need to to is prepare the area by adding you soil, roughing it up with a rake and broadcasting turf grass seed.  I’d suggest our Super Sandy Grass blend.   it is deep rooted and can grow in full sun or as little as 30% sun.  Then to prevent the crabgrass seeds from growing, you’ll need a special “crabgrass preventer for new lawns” since regular crabgrass preventer will stop all the seeds from growing…good or bad.  Your “crabgrass preventer for new lawns” should be applied right as the lilacs are starting to flower.

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