Last year i had lousy results with tomatoes and zucchini all bought at hewitts. The zuchini plants especially. Had white leaves ,didnt ‘feel’ powdery and not nearly as abindant as usual. Any qick thoughts?Thank you.BTW, when do you estimate you will have plants available since i expect big crowds this year.Bob Clement J robertclement@gmail.com

I can’t say what might have happened to the tomatoes. they are prone to several diseases. Keeps the plants dry when watering and water sparingly. It sounds like the zucchinis might have developed powdery mildew which they are prone to. Keep them dry as well. Spray watering can cause all manner of problems. Zucchini are often better started from seed sown directly in the soil in mid to late May. We’ll have the plants in early may although I wouldn’t put tomatoes out until late May. They don’t like cool nights at all and stall and struggle if set out too early

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