Last year I stopped in your Glenmont store looking for some shrubs for the front of my house that love shade,as I have 2 huge maple trees in front.. I also have heavy clayey soil. The young man I spoke to looked perplexed, then consulted his smartphone, and recommended crimson pygmy barberry. While they are still alive, it is just barely. Rhododendrons are no good, because I have a big deer problem. What would you recommend?

Shrubs for shade are tough…clethra is one that can do that.  Oak Leaf Hydrangea is another as is Sambucus (elderberry).  Ninebark can also tolerate a god bit of shade. Other than that, you’ll need to rely on perennials for shade.  Some of the hosta varieties get as large as a small shrub so I suggest them as an alternative.

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