I have an organic yard. Grubs keep destroying certain spots of my lawn. I am tired of reseeding only for the lawn to die again & again.

Do you have an organic product I can use to remove grubs?

Alsi, I need an organic lawn fertilizer, do you have such a product? I have about 2000sf of lawn coverage to apply the product to.

Thank you.


Peter Bowden Answered question November 4, 2022

The only organic Japanese Beetle Grub control is Milky Spore, a disease that only kills Japanese Beetle Larvae.  It need to be applied twice a year for 3 years.  Once in mid-May and watered in immediately after application with an inch of water.  Once in mid-May and again in late August/early September.  Two applications per year for 3 years,  After that, it will kill any grubs that hatch and reproduce itself so the protection is continuous after those first 3 years.  Test plats show that it remains effective for at least 20 years once it is established

We do sell Espoma Organic lawn foods as well.

Peter Bowden Answered question November 4, 2022
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