The soil in my yard is rock hard.  It was a new home construction back in 2018 and the lawn is somewhat struggling to come in all the way.  We have many dirt spots in our yard where water will accumulate and stay for days if we get heavy rains.  Water just wont go through it.

As an example, we are planting some trees and one spot we tried to dig down far enough to plant.  Could not get down very far before we said this is probably not a good spot to plant the tree.  Anyway, i filled the hole up with water at night.  Came out the next morning and the water was still sitting in the hole.

Wondering if soil conditioners, liquid aerators will work at all before i go and purchase these products.

Would appreciate any help you can provide.

Peter Bowden Answered question August 18, 2020

Unfortunately the solution won’t be as easy as applying a soil conditioner to the area.  Bringing in a sandy loam topsoil and blending it into the existing soil with a rototiller will be the long-term solution.  It will be a lot of soil.  Look for a good local source for bulk topsoil.  Saratoga Sod is an example of a source if you live nearby.

Peter Bowden Answered question August 18, 2020
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