We purchased a tree from Hewitt garden center Friday. It’s now Sunday and our tree still doesn’t need water.  Doesn’t look like the tree is drinking at all. As the tree branches have settled we noticed a grey substance on the truck as well as on the branches. In some spots it heavy and looks like fungus. We looked it up and think it is Lichen. We are concerned the tree will not live until Christmas. We have a small child and dog and are concerned if this is safe. Please advise. Should we get a new tree? 

Peter Bowden Answered question December 7, 2021

The lichen isn’rt a problem.  The tree needs to have a fresh cut made on the trunk right before it goes into the stand.  If it sat around for several hours after the cut was made, it will have trouble absorbing water.  If you wish, contact the store for a replacement.

Peter Bowden Answered question December 7, 2021

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