Looking for artificial PERMANENT Christmas Tree Flocking Spray. A lot of the sprays I see say they are not intended to flock full trees. Do you have any advice? Does Hewitts sell flocking spray?

Unfortunately, when it comes to flocking an artificial tree, all of them that are flocked permanently have gone through a baking process in an oven to ensure that the flocking is set and dry on the tree. This is how we manufacture all of our flocked trees that we sell. We do sell the tree flocking spray however it usually only lasts about 1 season as it will rub right off of the tree after you put it back in the bag or box for storage. Most flocking sprays sold are more for light flocking, touching up pre flocked trees or for spraying on windows using stencils. If you do decide to try it with the available flocking spray, be sure to use thin coats to insure that it dries correctly and apply multiple layers.

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