middle to late summer last year grubs than moles took over the lawn, the planting beds and did a lot of damage. How and when do I treat the lawn and planting areas to get rid of the grubs/moles? Jmjoe6151@gmail.com

As you have found out, getting rid of the grubs doesn’t automatically get rid of the moles since they eat earthworms as well.  You should apply MoleMax now and then in September then every September so you don’t have therm every spring.  More on Mole control HERE.

Grub treatment should be applied in July followed immediately by getting watered in with 1″ of water…a very heavy watering.  If it isn’t watered in, it doesn’t work…this is where most people screw it up.  Don’t think rain or walking around spraying the lawn is enough…it isn’t.  More on grub control HERE.

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