My granddaughter received a little container that was a watermelon all seeded. She has been growing it and watering it daily. Now the plant is getting about 3 or 4 inches tall. I counted about 14 little seedlings coming up in this little container. I feel they should be replanted into a larger container. Question is should I and how should I separate them or should I just replant the whole thing together? Thanks you

Whoa, that is a seriously overloaded pot! You could try to pull them apart and replant individuals into other pots but watermelons, cukes, melons and such don’t often survive that kind of rough treatment. The best approach would be to choose the strongest looking 1 or 2 plants and cut the rest off with some sharp scissors. It sounds harsh I know. They will need to wait until mid May after Mother’s Day to get planted outside here in Albany NY

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