My maple tree didn’t drop propellers this Year (1st time in 25 years). I had a pool put in 7-8 years ago and I know they cut some roots. Also I had a few branches trimmed off at the same time, And I noticed a squirrel entering the tree at that point. I has plenty of leaves, but, I was wondering if it’s dying? Any Ideas? My neighbor has the same tree about 50′ from mine and propellers galore. Thank You Deb

Ugh, none of this sounds too good.  The most telling is the squirrel entering the interior of the tree through a hole.  This indicates that the tree is rotting on the inside.  The bark is still alive but the wood that makes up the strong interior of the trunk is compromised.  I would have to suggest that you have a certified arborist come and look at the tree it determine if it is safe and if anything can be done for it.  If it is near your house, it may be a hazard that is best removed before it causes damage or injury if it comes down in a high wind event.  HERE’S a link that can help you find the help you need.

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