My yard (colonies sand) is overrun with ants, big and small. Any chemical that will get rid of them?

Yes, we sell THIS for killing ants in the lawn:  https://www.bonide.com/products/insect-control/view/60613/ant-flea-and-tick-killer


There is also THIS hose end spray:  https://www.bonide.com/products/home-pest-control/view/040/flea-beater-flea-and-tick-control-rts


For the large ants that can enter the home (like carpenter ants) THESE GRANULES are carried to the nest and will over several days wipe out the colony including the queen. https://www.bonide.com/products/revenge/ant-control/view/45702/revenge-ant-bait-granules


For safety and effectiveness always read and follow the directions on the labels for all these products

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