Hi, We are looking for trees for a privacy barrier. As well, as new perennial flower garden.
The trees and plants in the back of house were destroyed in a wind storm. We have a lot of deer in our neighborhood so need trees/flowers that they do not eat.
Thank you!

Peter Bowden Answered question August 24, 2021

Green Giant Arborvitae make a fine privacy hedge if you have room for them.  If space is limited, then Emerald Green Arbs will be a better choice.  Green Giants are “deer resistant” (but not deer proof) and they will go after Emerald Greens.  If deer are a problem, you’ll need to use a good deer repellent every 6 weeks or so.  Something like Repells-All or Liquid Fence.

You’ll need to choose your perennials based on how much light the area gets.  There are no perennials that are totally deer proof but, if you do an internet search, you’ll find lists of many that are less attractive to them.

Peter Bowden Answered question August 24, 2021
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