I recently got some blueberry bushes, one Legacy and one Elliot Highbush variety, and the Elliot seems to be doing well with transplanting but the Legacy is starting to wilt and have droopy leaves at the tips of the plant. I’m thinking I may have overwatered it, but I also noticed I think I planted it a little bit below ground level, slightly too deep, and the water seems to be pooling near the base of the plant. My question is, should I just water less frequently or would it be worth it to try and pull the plant out and replant it at ground level so the water doesn’t pool anymore? Thanks!

Peter Bowden Answered question May 17, 2023

They need to be kept moist but not wet all the time.  Yes, you should correct the planting depth issue now.  If it is just slightly below grade, you can just remove soil until you see the original soil and keep it that way.  If it is WAY too deep, remove it an replant at the proper level.

Peter Bowden Answered question May 17, 2023

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