Now that the snow is melting I’m seeing clumps of dead grass in piles on my lawn in some area, that resemble grass clippings from a lawnmower. Most of the areas are where large piles of snow were made from the snowplow. Below that the soil looks relatively bare, in these areas but that could be because it’s only March. Is this fairly typical? Should new grass come out in these areas once spring finally springs?

Plow damage..pretty commom.  If the grass has been scraped off with the roots attached then those bare areas won’t come back.  I go through this every spring.  Once things thaw out, move the sheets of sod that the plow scraped up back to the bare area and lay them flat to cover the bare area.  It will start growing again as soon as the weather warms up…grass is pretty tough.  If there are still some bare areas left, just sprinkle some grass seed on those area to fill in.  You can do this any time now…cold and freezing won’t harm grass seed.

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