Hi there! Our front yard needs help and we want to amp up the curb appeal by adding some amazing colorful perennials. Which ones would you recommend that in our area hold up well, are low maintenance? When should we plant them? Thank you in advance for your advice!

Peter Bowden Answered question March 26, 2021

Any perennials rated for our hardiness zone will be fine…we are Zone 5.  Bear in mind that perennials flower for 2 or three weeks so you’ll want a variety so there is always something interesting going on. You can also mix in annuals which flower all summer long.  The garden center gets new perennials in regularly spring through summer generally in the order of when they flower so stop by regularly.  Most are fairly low maintenance but there is always some deadheading and pruning to do.  I can’t get too specific since what you can grow depends on how much sun the areas gets.  I’d suggest dropping by once a week or so and reading the information tags that come with each plants.

Peter Bowden Edited answer March 26, 2021
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