Pete – I’ve had 3 brugmansias in a 45-50 degree unlit basement room for the winter. They were watered sparingly every 5 weeks. I’ve started to water them sparingly every 10 days now. About the last 6″ of most branches is either soft or the wood is shriveled. They were pruned last fall before I moved them indoors. I probably should cut the soft wood off, but how far back should I cut? Cut small pieces off until I get to hard wood? Or should I wait until a few days after I introduce them to more sun light and warmer temperatures?Last year all 3 of my Brugs developed a “Y” in several places. They are each about 5-6′ tall. The soft or shriveled wood is about 6″ to 8″ beyond the “Y”.Thanks – David in SW Warren County

I’d bring them upstairs and warm them up and water them to get them going.  Watch were the new growth starts and prune back to just above the new growth.  HERE’S a link to more on the subject.

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