Peter: I have a squirrels nest high in the tree in my front yard – so I have tons of busy squirrels coming and going ! Unfortunately they love digging little holes in my lawn and my potted flowers! Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Thank you !!

On the lawn you can use Mole-Max.  It repels moles of course but no rodent will dig in soil that has been treated with it.  That will take care of the burrowing for about 6-8 weeks… long enough for them to find somewhere else.  If they return in late summer/fall to bury nuts, another application will be needed.


On the surface of the gardens and on your pots you can use a spray of Bonide Repels All.   It is the smell that repels them.  You notice a slight garlic smell when you spray but that isn’t noticeable once it dries.

Both these products are considered organic but, as always, read and follow the directions and warnings on the labels.

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