Peter, I just finished adding 18 yds of top soil over my existing lawn to level low spots. The area I covered is roughly 70 feet x 35 feet. The top soil is all raked and ready to seed. My question is it to late to apply grass seed. The ground is wet but not frozen from the dusting of snow we got today. If it is still possible to seed, what seed would you recommend and does Hewitt’s have it in stock? Thank you- Bob I live in Fonda

At this point you’ll have to either wait until spring or try “dormant overseeding”  as described HERE


To check our stock on large bags of grass seed, it would be best to call the Hewitt’s you plan on visiting…I’d suggest our Sandy Blend whether the soil is sandy or not unless it is complete shade then go with our Shady Blend.   HERE’s a link to our store locations and phone #s.

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