Peter, our beautiful front lawn has been growing mushrooms on it for the several weeks, every since we got that bout of rain. I bought nitrogen and my husband put that on our lawn, it seemed to cut down on some of them, but he is basically having to mow every day! And not too mention it’s getting embarrassing. There are all different types of mushrooms too, not just one kind. We had a big tree taken down 3 years ago so I’ve done some reading and I believe this would be the culprit. Do you have any other advice to offer us, and will it take several treatments? Thank you very much! Robin & John

There is no treatment for mushrooms.  You should check the pH and apply lime if the test indicates a need.  Still, mushrooms may show up.  The problem is all the wet weather and high humidity.  In a dry summer, this wouldn’t be happening.  This is beyond your control and not something to be embarrassed about.

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