PeterI have a beautiful Blushing Bride hydrangea- too bad there are no flowers. I just checked ph and it is very alkaline so I know I have to adjust this. Questions:1. It is placed among other acid loving plants. should I just add sphagnum peat moss or lime or both?? Is the lime/peat mixed into top layer?2. I never cut it back in the fall- yes or no?3. I add Holly Tone in spring around perimeter/driplines but am never sure how much??ThxNancy G

Your Blushing Bride can be pink or blue depending on the ph.  Alkaline for Pink, acidic for blue.  Adding lime will make it alkaline for pink.  Adding sulfur will make the soil more acidic for blue flowers.  I’d switch to Flower-Tone instead of Holly-tone for extra phosphorus for more flowering.  There is no need to add peat moss since it has no nutritional value and won’t adjust the pH to an noticeable degree.  The Flower-tone and sulfur should be turned into the top few inches of soil. HERE’S A LINK that should help you.

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