I am working on Flipping a House and I need to get grass seed down, is it too late to plant? I don’t really need it to come up, before the freeze but would like it to come up in the spring. Also what grass seed is best for the Northeast  Pennington Smart Seed?

Peter Bowden Answered question October 23, 2020

It is too late in the season for grass seeding.  You can do “dormant seeding so it will come up in spring but you’ll need to wait until Thanksgiving or later to put the seed down.  The danger now is that the seed may sprout with late fall warmth only to be killed by the coming freeze.  Later, there will be no chance for the seed to attempt sprouting so it will be dormant until spring warmth.  Pennginton smart seed is fine but I’d suggest one of our blens that will be more specific to the light and soil   Sunny, Shady sandy etc.

Peter Bowden Answered question October 23, 2020

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