I have 7’x20’ Haden area which I’d like to plant perennials to make a pollinator garden for bees, humming birds and butterfly’s. Our house is up on the great Sacandaga.

just looking for guidance on what to buy. I am somewhat of a novice always done the labor never the the thinking for this stuff.

so do you have the plants I would need for this?



Peter Bowden Answered question January 17, 2023

We don’t have the plants now but will in spring.

In fact we have special collections of native and pollinator plants to choose from…too many to even list here.

I’d suggest a visit in May for early flowering perennials and then a visit every couple of weeks as the selection evolves through the season to be sure you have a continuous supply of flowers throughout the season.

Peter Bowden Answered question January 17, 2023

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