I thought I was going to seed my lawn in the spring and had dug up all the weeds. My friend who has offered to help me said we needed to wait until the fall. I wasn’t able to keep uo with the weeds and now there are more weeds than grass.

I REALLY want some help knowing the best way to do this.

Thank you,

Heather B.

Peter Bowden Answered question September 6, 2021

NOW (September) is the best time to get the lawn started.  Focus on that and deal with the weeds next year.  Rough up the soil, broadcast the seed (our Sandy id the best…for any soil type) and keep it moist.  Once it is up, feed it with our Country Estate Starter Lawn Food.  It will be mature by the time weed killins season starts in late May/early June.

Peter Bowden Answered question September 6, 2021

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