I have a rose of Sharon in my yard that was planted about 15 years ago. The last few years the plant has budded rather late. It is now the end of July and the bush does not have a single leaf. I have broken off twigs several times (including today), and the inside appears to be green, despite the bush looking dead right now.

Is this bush a loss, or is there a chance it may return to normal next year? Is there anything I can do to try and salvage it?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

Peter Bowden Answered question July 29, 2022

Rose of Sharon is a short-live shrub…generally about 20-30 years so yours may be done.

Still, I’d check to make sure that it hasn’t been strangled by having mulch piled up against the bark.  Brush back the mulch a few inches away from the trunk until you can see the soil and keep it that way.  It may bounce back but, without leaves this late in the season, I’m not hopeful.

Peter Bowden Edited answer July 29, 2022

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