How can I plant bulbs and not have squirrels and critters dig them up and eat them.  I use bone meal, but is that necessary?  I also watched a show and it said something about spreading a fertilizer on the top but I cannot remember what..Please help

Peter Bowden Answered question October 9, 2020

I won’t plant bulbs unless i have MoleMax handy.  MoleMax is an organic product that repels all burrowing rodents.  I like the granules.  After the bulbs are all planted (yes, bone meal is a good idea)  I’ll sprinkle the MoleMax granules over the area then water it in as I water the bulbs in.  No burrowing squirrel, chipmunk, vole, skunk or woodchuck will dig in soil where MoleMax has been applied.  It last for six weeks.

Peter Bowden Answered question October 9, 2020
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