I had five clay pots with 3 Caladium bulbs in each pot. A few weeks ago I put the pots in a cool dark place in my basement. In another week or two I’ll dig the bulbs out and store them for the winter. I’ve read they should be stored in sand or sawdust to prevent them from drying out. If they should not be left to dry out, how much (and when) should I water the bulbs? Enough water to make the sandy (or sawdust) soupy, or just barely enough to keep them moist?

Thanks – David

Peter Bowden Answered question October 12, 2020

Let them dry out.  You could use dry sterile potting soil.  Don’t moisten the storage media.  Put them and the dry media into a cardboard box and store in a very cool area that doesn’t freeze.  You could check on them in January and soak them in some water for a few minutes, let them dry thoroughly them place them back into storage.  Pot them up and restart them in March.

Peter Bowden Answered question October 12, 2020

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